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New austrian minimum wage in 2020

As you know all foreign drivers posted to Austria, must be paid under the Collective Agreement for the road haulage sector. At the beginning of the year, this agreement changed, so the minimum wage increased.

For example, the driver of a light vehicle up to 3.5 t with a maximum of five years of experience will earn 9.2 euros per hour instead of 8.98 euros. And the truck driver’s hourly rate (over 3 axles) with 8 years of experience increased from 9.53 to 9.77 euros.

Current minimum wage rates in Austria from 1 January 2020: 

Drivers for trucks up to 3.5 t total weight
Work experience in a given company Hourly wage Weekly wage Monthly wage
Up to 5  9,20 € 368,00 € 1.591,60 €
From 5 to 10 years 9,42 € 376,80 € 1.629,66 €
From 10 to15 years 9,66 € 386,40 € 1.671,18 €
From 15 to 20 years 9,89 € 395,60 € 1.710,97 €
More than 20 years 10,14 € 405,60 € 1.754,22 €
Drivers for trucks over 3.5 t total weight with up to 3 axels
Work experience in a given company Hourly wage Weekly wage Monthly wage
Up to 5  9,42 € 376,80 € 1.629,66 €
From 5 to 10 years 9,66 € 386,40 € 1.629,66 €
From 10 to15 years 9,89 € 395,60 € 1.710,97 €
From 15 to 20 years 10,19 € 407,60 € 1.762,87 €
More than 20 years 10,42 € 416,80 € 1.802,66 €

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the minimum wage law (Lohn- und Sozialdumping-Bekämpfungsgesetz) includes, in addition to transit, all transport operations carried out in Austria.

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