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Latest news

Drunken driver can not arrive to Sweden by ferry
So-called “alcohol barriers” (sobriety checkpoint) has been installed in the Swedish ports to filter out truck drivers who arrive drunk from the ferries. Every year, 3 million vehicles arrive in Sweden by ferry and the alcohol gate system has been developed to check these.(08/03/2020)

Tolls are rising in Hungary
NUSZ (Hungarian motorway operator) has announced that the road tolls will increase from 15th March 2020. The rates for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes MPW will increase on average by 2.5-3.3%. (02/03/2020)

Netherlands posting of workers: new obligations start on 1st March 2020
As of 1 March 2020, the Dutch government requires all foreign employers and foreign self-employed persons from other countries within Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland, to notify of temporary activities. (27/02/2020)

Previous  news 

Austria: driving restriction on the B320 road
Styria has introduced a new traffic ban on the road B320 (E651) for trucks over 7.5 t (09/12/2019)

Austrian minimum wage increased from January 2020
As you know all foreign drivers posted to Austria, must be paid under the Collective Agreement for the road haulage sector. At the beginning of the year, this agreement changed, so the minimum wage increased.

Austria Tyrol: sector vehicle prohibition
From January 2020, paper, cement and grain will no longer be transported by trucks over one year old on Tyrolean roads. Austria has modified its so-called Sector Restriction Ordinance at the beginning of July which prohibits to use the province's roads for vehicles above 7.5t MPW carrying certain goods. (06/10/2019)

20 block checks at Kufstein in 2020
Block checks will be continued this year in Tyrol (Austria).  That means only 300 trucks could cross at the border crossing Kufstein / Kiefersfelden every hour on block check days (these are predetermined days).

Austrian Parking information system for HGV
Where can I take my breaks? Where can I find free parking spaces?

Czech information website for truckers
The Association of Road Transport Operators ČESMAD BOHEMIA has just launched a new platform (website and mobile application) for foreign truck drivers. Visit www.transit.tir.cz for current traffic restrictions, road closures, specific driving conditions related to construction works, regulations, tolls and fines.

Fines are doubled in Belgium
Belgium has new rates of fines for certain offences, for example manipulating the tachograph or using another driver’s card. (23/01/2020)

Fines imposed by drones in Spain
The Spanish General Directorate of Road Traffic (DGT) has been using drones to monitor roads for some time. Until now, if the drone had "caught" the driver committing an offence, the driver was stopped by the nearest police. (28/01/2020)

Opening M11 Moscow-St Petersburg motorway
The new 669 km M11 motorway runs through the Moscow, Tver, Novgorod, and Leningrad regions which provides a safe and reliable highway link between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.(23/02/2020)

Slovenia:  trucks have to use  A1, A4 and A5 motorways
From 1st June 2019 new rules apply to the transit traffic of trucks with a gross weight of 7.5t and over in Slovenia. The regulation prohibits transit traffic at border crossing points which can only be accessed by main roads or regional roads. 

The Budapest-Bratislava-Prague motorway is completed
The M15 motorway is a Hungarian motorway between the M1 Motorway and Rajka (HU-SK border).

Spain: the AP-7 Tarragona-Alicante motorway stops charging tolls. (14/02/2020)

Tolls are rising in Austria
ASFINAG (Austrian motorway operator) has announced that the tolls will increase from 1st January 2020. (16/12/2019)

Traffic ban for trucks over 20 t on the Hungarian road nr.86
From 1st of March 2020 vehicles above 20t MPW will not be able to use the road nr. 86 between Mosonmagyaróvár and Csorna.

Trucks over 7.5t MPW are banned from three Austrian border crossings
The Burgerland government tighten up freight transport on its roads and forbid hvg to use three border-crossings. Two Hungarian crossings are concerned: Sopron and Kópháza, and Sotina in Slovenia too.


German and french minimum wage in 2020
From 1st January 2020 the german minimum wage has increased to 9,35 euros per hour, which is paid foreign drivers for their working time in Germany (posting).(30/12/2019)

Restriction for trucks above 7.5 t MPW in Cologne
From the end of August, transit traffic of trucks over 7.5 tonnes MPW is prohibited in the center of Cologne.

Great Britain

From autumn, need to get a safety permit to enter London
All HGVs more than 12 tonnes GVW entering or operating in Greater London from 26 October 2020 will need to hold a safety permit.The permit is free of charge, but the vehicle has to meet certain safety standards. This can be verified by the manufacturer's DVS (Direct Vision Standard) certification. (10/02/2020)


It is easy to find truck parking spaces in Hungary
On the Hungarian highways, information boards show the number of available parking spaces in the large truck parking areas. The purpose of the Hungarian Motorway Management Company is to allow drivers to plan their rest in advance, based on the availability signs. (20/01/2020)

Why we have to wait for hours at Ártand?
The Hungarian police check the toll payment. In recent months, at Ártánd trucks have to wait a lot to enter Hungary.  Ártánd (H)-Bors (RO) is a Hungarian-Romanian Schengen border, therefore obligatory for the police to check the vehicles in accordance with the Schengen rules. (21/12/2019)


Trucks entering Italy at Brenner will be screened
Trucks entering Italy via Brenner will be checked by a so-called "electronic eye", a kind of monitoring, similar to how luggage is checked at airports.

Tolls have increased on some Italian motorways from January 1st. (18/02/2020)

Euro 3 trucks: forbidden in the Mont Blanc tunnel
Since 1 September 2019, some trucks cannot have entered the Mont Blanc tunnel. The new regulation forbids the circulation of trucks over 3,5 MPW if they do not meet the requirements of the Euro 4 emission standard.


Section speed control on the Polish roads
Section speed control, also called average speed control or "point-to-point" control is a new speed enforcement technique. Section speed control systems measure the average speed between two speed cameras.(03/02/2020)


Bypass route around Subotica opens
The bypass route (ring road) around Subotica on Corridor 10, was opened for traffic on December 27, 2019. (07/02/2020)

Joint border crossing between Serbia and Northern Macedonia
At the end of August 2019 Serbia and North Macedonia have opened a new joint (integrated) border crossing point between Presevo and Tabanovce. (03/12/2019)

Tolls are increased in Serbia (01/08/2019)


Trucks can use again all border crossings of the Slovakian border
The demonstration was suspended by Slovakian carriers following the intervention of the Slovak police (30/01/2020)

Slovakian hauliers continue protesting
From 28th January, Slovakian carriers are again protesting. The hauliers are blocking roads and blocking lorry traffic at the borders. (28/01/2020)

Slovakian transport blockade
The Union of Slovakia's Road Hauliers (UNAS) launched events all over in Slovakia to call attention to the bad business environment for hauliers and the high toll.

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