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France lifts traffic bans

Due to the situation caused by the coronavirus, France  lifts the weekend traffic bans for heavy goods vehicles until 20 April 2020.This means that trucks over 7.5 tonnes can travel on weekends and on holidays.

The French government has made an online map  showing restaurants that can be safely used by drivers (eg hand sanitizing, toilets). 

In addition, rules have been introduced to ensure transport safety:

  • Social distancing rules must be observed.
  • Where there is no access to water, disinfectant gel must be made available.
  • No personal contact is allowed when signing contracts.
  • Goods can only be delivered at the place indicated on the transport document.
  • Home delivery is only possible by leaving the goods at the door.
  • No physical contact with the customer is permitted.
  • Delays for complaints about the delivery have been set.


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